Risk, Assurance, and Human Factors

Quality and Experienced support, advice, and leadership for Safety Critical Industries.


We can provide support with: 

  • Human Factors (and integration)
  • Enterprise Risk Management 
  • Organisational Governance
  • Systems Safety Assurance
  • Operational Sustainability
  • SMS Development / Enhancement
  • Incident Investigations
  • Safety and Risk Strategy


We focus on the whole picture.  By building and fostering collaboration between stakeholders we seek to understand the entire system (human included).  Through this understanding we identify opportunities and establish common aims and purpose.

We are capable of engaging at all levels of an organisation (front-line through to Board).  This enables HSA to effectively communicate opportunities and how to leverage these.


We are driven by the belief that by understanding the system as a whole, including interfaces with other systems, we can sustainably improve overall performance and safety.